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Icons related to _ANTM_ and other countries' versions of the show

This is a graphics community for The CW's reality TV series America's Next Top Model. Feel free to join and post, but be sure to go over the rules before doing so.

+ Icons from other NTMs are acceptable, as well.
+ Comment on the icon makers' post when you take an icon.
+ Credit when you take an icon.
+ Don't direct link.
+ Don't be rude.

+ When posting icons, post no more than THREE outside of an LJ Cut.
+ Post only one icon post every 24 hours. If you have more graphics to add, wait until the next day or edit your original post.
+ Don't disable comments in your posts.
+ Don't post things unrelated to ANTM and other NTMs.
+ No promoting!
+ If requesting an icon/graphic, copy and paste the following code into your post, and fill it out. If you make a request without using this form, your post will be deleted.

Looking for ANTM images and information? Check out the memories or FAQ of topmodel.

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